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👋🏻 Howdy, I'm Ethan. Let's explore.

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I'm passionate about merging product and tech to fix societal problems through empathy, ideation, and iteration.

I've worn many hats - engineer, product manager, sales leader, and today I'm a startup builder.

Recently, I led GTM on MongoDB Search and now, I'm on a mission to equip anyone with deep multimodal search in a single line of code.

Balance 🧘🏼

I'm all about work/life balance and love exploring the great outdoors with my aussie pup through mountain biking, backpacking, kayaking, and climbing.

I learned electricals, plumbing, woodwork and metalwork to equip a badass camper van for off-grid work and travel. Check it out, maybe it'll inspire you to pursue your own BHAG!

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